Mafia Villains

NFT on Cardano

Have you ever wanted to be a BAD guy?

Having a secret agenda? Others are going to regular jobs, your duties are something else ...



Worldwide might have Mafia clans hundreds of thousands of members.

As #NFT there are 15k male unique mafia villains with 3 characters and later only 5k female mafia villains with 1 character introduced, hand-drawn and precisely selected to become your a bit not a  “NICE guy or babe” avatar. 

Will you become Boss, Capo, Soldier or Babe ? 

Once upon a time there has been an idea. “What If I could be a bad guy on a journey and mission. I could use my villain’s avatar as profile picture, put him/her on Merch or accomplish the missions. ”

Suddenly you find out, that you don’t have to go on your journey alone, but being accompanied by a female villains.
It might be cool to have male and female villains, bring them to Mafia Turfs and accomplish Mafia missions to get $ADA prizes from MV Fund.

And consequently being able to join new passive income program, which we’ve called “Own To Earn”.

Let the GAME begin . . .

Mafia Villain Soldier Collection




Possible combinations


Max supply


5 Villains get 12% discount


Mafia Villains O2E ecosystem

Mafia Missions


Q1 - Q2 2022
[Stage 1] Male Mafia Villains search for a new home upon you

[Stage 2] Community growth, giveaways campaigns, marketing, CNFT marketplaces listing and verification, Cardano cube listing

[Stage 3] Mafia Villains Fund creation and continuous fulfillment from staking and royalties
Q3 - Q4 2022
[Stage 1] Female Mafia Villain introduction

[Stage 2] MVF continuous fulfillment

[Stage 3] Mafia Turfs introduction

[Stage 4] Mafia missions step by step revelations
2023 and beyond

[Stage 1] Story of Mafia missions continue


[Stage 2] O2E (Own To Earn) program development and preparation


[Stage 3] O2E program launch


[Stage 4] Free airdrop of $MVC coin to all owners of Mafia Villains and Turfs


[Stage 5] MV ecosystem long-term stability and growth


[Stage 6] Mafiaverse? Why not. Every Turf owner might be able to claim a spot in Mafiaverse with official currency $MVC. Check Whitepaper for more info.

Why to join Mafia Villains community?

1, Minimum 4 income streams in MV ecosystem

2, Good quality art style + 4 different characters (Boss, Capo, Soldier & Babe) + Mafia Turfs

3, Own to Earn program

4, Mafia Missions with guaranteed $ADA prizes

5, MV Fund with continuous income from $ADA staking and royalties, fully shared with community

6, Free $MVC token airdrop for each Villain and Turf owner

7, Potentially Mafiaverse creation and development with land spots for Turfs’ owners and with official currency $MVC.

8, Project is fully pre-funded and 100% $ADA from offering is delegated to single SPOs. 100% staking rewards go to MV Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

15k male and 5k female unique hand-drawn characters. 5k Turfs.

Typically nowadays NFT projects are coming up with 10k pieces. We have chosen a higher number of NFTs because it will provide better liquidity for upcoming Mafia missions and O2E program.

All characters are available for the same amount of ADA. No special price tiers. If you take a package, there is a bloody cool discount. 

  • 1 villain or turf for 10 ADA
  • 5 villains or turfs package for 40 ADA (12% discount)

Of course, you can repeat your purchase again, if you want to have more villains. 

There is only one valid Policy ID for original Mafia Villains.


Important: Please send ADA only from supported wallets like Daedalus, Yoroi, ADALite, Nami, CCvault or others. 

Never send ADA from exchanges because your funds might be lost and you won’t receive NFT. 

If there are no more NFTs available, the amount will be returned. 

Every NFT is randomly selected. Minting and sending NFT is processed via nft-maker PRO

Go to website , click on search icon, type in your address used for purchase and enjoy your newly minted NFT. 

We will offer the Mafia Villains and Turfs in phases for minting. 

  1. Phase – Mafia Villain Soldier with 9k NFTs
  2. Phase – Mafia Villain Capo with 5k NFTs
  3. Phase – Mafia Villain Boss with 1k NFTs
  4. Phase – Mafia Villain Babe with 5k NFTs
  5. Phase – Mafia Turf with 5k NFTs

All NFTs from Mafia Villains’ collections will be minted with the same Policy ID. 

Contact us anytime, villains never sleep.